Our Services

Backed by a team of experienced investment professionals with established global relationships, Bellinger offers both investment management and advisory services in the alternative asset space.

Investment Management

We provide investment management services to wholesale and institutional investors in relation to both individual assets and asset portfolios. Our services are provided across a range of industry sectors. Learn more

Our investment management services focus on preservation of client capital and maximisation of returns through:

    • taking an active, hands-on approach to identifying value drivers and strategic direction (including, where appropriate, assuming directorship roles on the boards of investment companies);
    • implementation of tailored value enhancement initiatives;
    • risk assessment and mitigation;
    • effective capital management;
    • adherence to best practice in corporate governance; and
    • performance weighted remuneration that aligns our interest as manager with those of the Stakeholders.

We provide investors with regular, consistent and transparent reporting that is tailored to each Stakeholder’s individual requirements.


As an advisor, our objective is to provide innovative, solution oriented and cost effective advice to our clients through bringing to bear our senior executives’ unique experience and established global relationships within our core areas of expertise. Learn more

Our team advises on a broad range of matters, including:

  • mergers & acquisitions;
  • asset acquisitions and disposals;
  • equity / debt advice, arrangement and restructuring;
  • strategic review and analysis;
  • performance monitoring; and
  • exit strategy formulation & divestment.

Our client engagements typically fall within the following broad categories:

  • transaction specific mandates: these are generally mandates where a client is considering a new investment or transaction and requires independent advice; and
  • special situations: these are generally mandates where an investment within a portfolio requires specific attention or restructuring either as a result of market conditions changing or action taken by one or more counterparties.

Investment Origination and Facilitation

We actively identify assets that offer superior risk-adjusted returns and work with our global partners to structure and facilitate investment into those assets. Learn more

Investment Origination and Facilitation typically involves:

  • the structuring and development of the investment platform;
  • conducting due diligence on the assets to be acquired;
  • establishing corporate governance and risk management frameworks;
  • preparation of investor information and capital raising; and
  • asset acquisition and fund launch.

Bellinger typically provides ongoing asset management and advisory services to the investment vehicle following its launch, either directly or through a management company jointly owned by Bellinger and other sponsors.